Join me in the journey toward the fountain of yourself! The most vital work you can undertake is your own self-healing.  Body-Mind Integration frees the vital energy current that fuels your essence.  The relationship we forge together in this work grounds and nourishes you, and carries you deeply into your innate intelligence.  Here you unfold your clearest, most-current self.  Together we dismantle patterns in body and belief that prevent you from your fullest expression.  Sitting in the seat of your nature you can choose what feeds you at this time in your life.  Those who work with me have been able to travel further into themselves and the world.  You can too; I welcome you! 

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 Use this work for:

                          Transitions & Shifts

                          Growth & Spiritual Development

                          Body Symptoms & Auto-Immune Issues

                          Psychosomatic Complaints                                

Sweeping the Temple blends bodywork, spiritual development and psychotherapy, harnessing your awareness and vital energy to realize your inherent growth potential. I offer  individual and group sessions, in-person and over the phone, as well as classes and process groups.

AARON ZWEIG, (805)798-1289

Ojai, Pasadena & West Los Angeles

MFT Registered Intern #74915